Bees and Wasp Removal
Removal and control of mice & rats
Removal of flies, earwigs, & cockroaches
Control of , fleas, carpenter ants & spiders
Control of birds
Control of wildlife like raccoon, squirrels,
  skunks and bats
The most common species of ants present in this region are; Carpenter Ants, Pavement Ants or Black Ants, Pharoah Ants and Garden ants.

All species send out swarms with winged reproductive individuals. Carpenter and Pharoah Ants are most feared.
Mice exist naturally in the environment. They tend to seek shelter as the weather gets cold.

Some species carry viruses which can be transferred to humans resulting in sickness or death.
Very similar to Flies, but infest damp wet areas. The dampness or leak must be solved as part of the extermination process.

Flies - Cluster flies, fruit flies, and common house flies are the most common. Removing the breeding sources and professional spraying usually gets rid of them.
Skunks do not climb and are usually found digging holes under decks, porches or sheds. We will live trap them and relocate them to the countryside.

The black and gray squirrels are very common throughout the city, but become pests when they cut holes in roofs and attics. We use one way doors to remove them
Oriental Cockroaches usually inhabit sewers and drains. These roaches are larger and less numerous than the German Cockroach.  
The small brown cockroaches usually seen in apartments are called German Cockroaches.

One female produces an egg case with about 40 individuals every 3-4 weeks. A heavy infestation can result in asthma in humans.
Cat and dog fleas are tiny insects that suck blood then begin to reproduce. They lay their eggs in carpets and rugs. Their eggs remain viable up to six months.

To exterminate them, the total surface of floors must be treated with an adulticide and ovicide and the dog and cat must be treated.
Earwigs are usually found outside but come inside and infest damp areas.  
Crickets are found inside houses in basements and damp areas. All dampness and rotting wood must be removed as far as possible.  
These moths fall into a category called secondary food infesting pest.

They reproduce on old and rotting grains and nuts. Their eggs hatch up to six months after being laid. Therefore, they are difficult to exterminate if not done by a professional.
Mosquitos are mostly present around stagnant water; ie pools, water fountains, etc.

It is very important to get rid of their breeding source as part of the extermination process.
Since Raccoons are omnivores they are very adaptable to city life. Their paws are strong and versatile. They tear holes into roofs and live in attics or under decks & sheds in cold weather.

We use one way doors and live traps to relocate them.
  There are many different species of wasps in Ontario. It is very important to kow generally if the pest you want to get rid of are bees or wasps.

Please compare the pictures of bees and wasps. Bees are hairy and gather nectar while wasps are smoother.

Most wasps build small paper nests. Yellow jacket wasps may build larger nests with as many as 10,000 individuals.